About SOAR- Stories Of Addiction & Recovery
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About SOAR- Stories Of Addiction & Recovery


cave-paintings-2Through oral histories, cave paintings and the written word,
storytelling has been an important part of virtually every culture since the dawn of civilization. While often just a form of entertainment, stories are most often shared firefor educational purposes, and they play an important role in the passing along of histories, traditions, cultural norms and moral values. Stories can make us laugh, and make us cry, they can terrify us and they can inspire us.

face despairOne of the primary experiences of people with substance use issues is that of feeling ‘different.’ Loneliness, isolation, fear, guilt, shame, hopelessness and desperation are common feelings experienced not only by people with lived experience of addiction, but also their family members. Sometimes simply knowing that you are not alone, that there are others out there struggling with similar issues, can be a comfort in and of itself. Learning how others pulled through though, how they overcame those feelings and their problems, can be life changing.

Hopefully you read something in the following stories which you can relate to; something you can learn from; something that will give you hope. Information, education, inspiration. Such is the goal with S.O.A.R- Stories Of Addiction & Recovery.

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