“Self medicating while searching for the why, the answer came from the most unlikely of places.”

Happy-PeopleHaving lived experience with mental health concerns, self -medicating with drugs and alcohol, practicing harm reduction and submitting to addiction, I strived to find the “Why”.

Over a period of several years I was treated by psychiatrists, psycho-therapists, group supports and anti-depressant medication to no avail.

Having left no stone unturned, a Doctor specializing in bio-chemistry diagnosed a chemical imbalance that was causing my general ill-health, including diabetes.

After weekly hormone replacement shots, (which I will continue with for the rest of my life) the dark cloud has moved allowing the sunshine back in.

I have taken it upon myself to attend various help, crisis groups and seminars, such as, AA, AL-ANON, ADAPT, to get a clearer awareness of possible socio-economic factors or chemical imbalances that may sometimes be the underlining cause of mental health decline and addictions.

Today I am lucky to be employed in the field of mental health and addictions in the capacity of Peer Mentor, helping others in their recovery.  In addition to being surrounded by family and friends that have or are currently dealing with mental health disease and/or addiction issues, I have the empathy and understanding of the various forms of mental health issues, addictions and crisis that people and their families are constantly dealing with and am now able to offer unbiased and non-judgmental support to others who are struggling.