Anabolic Steroids

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What are Anabolic Steroids?

(Source: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – CAMH)

Street names: roids, juice, hype, gym candy

 camh-logo_sqDrugs known as “anabolic steroids” are made in laboratories and have the same chemical structure as the steroids found in the male sex hormone testosterone. The muscle-building (anabolic) and masculinizing (androgenic) effects of these drugs make them appealing to athletes and bodybuilders.

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HEDS Resources – Anabolic Steroids



Talking with teenagers about drugs

Talking about Drugs (PDF)

Signs and symptoms of drug abuse


acalogo1The use of anabolic steroids is a hot sports issue. It has implications for both professional players and for young athletes who feel that they won’t have a competitive edge without steroids or other performance enhancers. But, while professional athletes have a variety of trainers, nutritionists and health care specialists available, kids are on their own. And unlike international, professional and collegiate sports competitions and programs, high school athletic programs rarely test for steroid use.

Steroid Use in Youth: Prevention and Detection